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ZONO - Sanitech Beyond Clean

Kids 'R' Kids of Humble have taken clean to the next level.  The spread of infection and communicable diseases in childcare can move quickly when not handled properly.  Moreover, sick children can make for an unpleaseant educational environment.  Kids R Kids has recognized that educating sick children is next to impossible.  The solution? 

ZONO Sanitech- with its proven broad efficacy against common bacteria and viruses, and fungi, controls microbial contamination, and is an important part of a comprehensive sanitizing program for child care organizations, schools, athletic facilities and teams, public safety, hotels, and more.  Please read more about this amazing piece of equipment. Each of the four locations is equiped with a ZONO Sanitech machine that is used throughout the day to provide the safest learning environment possible. Please feel free to stop by the location most convenient to you for a product demonstration. 


The ZONO is a “green” sanitizing system. This technology is already used in the medical device and food processing industries. Ozone is generated with ultraviolet light using the air in the room in the sealed ZONO cabinet.  Humidity is then added to the sealed ZONO cabinet, and the sanitizing process is completed. The ZONO cabinet is a safe, dependable environment for sanitizing. If you`re curious, stop by and see our ZONO machine! Or find out more about ZONO!

What does the ZONO sanitizing system do?

The ZONO controls microbial contamination by sterilizing bacteria, viruses and fungi.  It is an important part of a comprehensive sanitizing routine. The eco-friendly technology reduces the time, energy, and chemicals required to sanitize.

What is cleaned by ZONO? 

We use the Zono to sanitize  just about everything your child uses at our school such as crayons, books, small toys, soft play items, infant walkers, mattresses, mats, bouncy seats, and activity tables.

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