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Thank you for showing interest in our Learning Academy.

At Kids R Kids of Fall Creek we have an approach where we "Hug First, Then Teach". What your child will experience every day here is a loving and supportive atomosphere where they can learn, laugh, and play under the skillful guidance of our teaching staff. In order to best serve our families, the Lead Teachers in our classrooms either have their Child Development Associate certification or in the process of earning it. It is required of our Lead Teachers to do so to maximize the opportunity for learning and the best care we can provide to our students. The School operates on a full time enrollment basis which allows for greater stability in our staff as we do not randomly cut staff hours based around attendance. This means your child will experience a better, consistency in their classroom from day to day.

The classrooms are separated by glass walls which provides a vital safety element should a teacher need immediate assitance they can be seen by the classroom teachers on either side of them. This also aides in development, as your child will be seeing the next milestones they will be achieving as they are able to see the students in the next room. We use six month age groupings in the classroom to better assist in learning and recognizing key milestones to take advantage of and the curriculum we use is age targeted to help every child achieve their potential. We equip the classrooms with two camera views and give our parents secure access through the web to be able to look in on their child at anytime during the day that their child is in our care.

We offer an all inclusive tuition that prevents parents from having to decide what their child can and cannot participate in. Every child is given the same opportunity for learning as we provide Music, Gymnastics, Spanish, and Computers as all part of the tuition. Also included are nutritious meals prepared by a full time cook in our professional kitchen, all juices, baby wipes, and school supplies. We want to offer the best value in education for our community because we know families have many demands on them today. It is our desire to forge a partnership with our families that are enrolled that provides open and honest communication and feedback about progress and ways families can help their child grow as well as for us to gather feedback to assist in their learning here at Kids R Kids.

Who we are is more about community and therefore we take a "real life" approach to caring for and educating children. It is our passion to positively impact families. As owners of the School, we are connected to our teachers, parents, and students and continualy work to improve and make excellent every facet of our operation. Being a family owned and operated School, we offer a more personal touch than you may find elsewhere. From thoughtful staff interviews to the way we take care of the facility, we believe our families deserve the very best we can provide. It is our relationship to one another that make these difference work. We have an open door policy with our parents and staff and even provide ways to contact us directly after hours should any question or concern arise. We are here to serve our community to the best of our ability and so if you are looking for a place that truly cares about your family and wants your child to reach their potential, please come and experience the difference Kids R Kids of Fall Creek is making in the lives our students and families! Hope to see you soon!

Todd, Jenni, Alex, and Andy Olges

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